2 posts from day 23/09/2017

Selecting the correct link to Share a Document in Modern Office365

When looking to share a link to a document living within SharePoint, you should decide which type of link you want to provide for someone to access your document. “There’s more than one link to a document?” “Yes”. Navigate to your document library and select the document that you would like to share a link to. Click on the “copy link” link in the ribbon. By default, if you select “Copy”, it will give permission for anyone within the organization to view the ...

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Design Practices That Will Make Your Product Better

Developing products is not an easy task. Some are rich clients installed on physical machines while others live in the cloud and are accessed through browsers. At one point in time, you have come across a product that you just disliked entirely. It either was not intuitive, overly-complicated, slow, colors made little sense, too hard to read and the list goes on. What will generally happen: A group of product owners will get into a room, draft out their ideas and start building out on ...

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