2 posts from day 19/12/2017

Additional Functionality available in Modern Text Webpart

The text web part is the new web part created to allows users to easily add plain text to their pages. Functionality: There are four standard heading text sizing options: Heading 1: 28px Heading 2: 24px Heading 3: 21px Normal Text: 17px How to Use: From the web part tool box, select the “Text” webpart from the menu. Click the dropdown to choose which heading or text you would like you use. You can also highlight text using your mouse and select to change the text to the new ...

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Now Available: Make any Modern Page a News Page

Now rolling out is the ability to have any modern page be promoted to a news page in Office365. Up until recently, the only way to create News pages was to create the page using the "Add News" capability from the news web part. To add a regular page to post as news to your site, create a new page or select an existing page. Edit the page and then select "publish".  Once your page has been published, the right panel will show allowing for you to do a few options: Add the page to the ...

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