The File Viewer Web Part: Get the most out of the Modern Out of the Box Web Parts Series

The file viewer web part is a new web part that was introduced with the modern experiences in SharePoint. The web part will allow for users to view files directly in the page without needing to open the file.


  • Soon to support up to 270 file types
  • Option to specify the page to start viewing on
  • Additional menu options:
    • Download a copy of the file
    • Print the file to a PDF
    • Accessibility Mode
    • Embed Information – provides embed code in an iframe with a link to the document
    • Provide feedback to Microsoft
    • Terms of use (Microsoft)
    • Privacy and Cookies (Microsoft)
  • Full screen expand
  • Description
  • Scroll through of the document in the window

File types currently supported:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
    • Entire Workbook
    • Chart
    • Table
    • Range
    • Show Gridlines
    • Show row and column headings
    • Allow sorting and filtering

How to Use:

Select the “File Viewer” web part from the web part tool box.

Select the “Add Document” button.

Choose the file that you would like to add.

Your file will now show in the viewer window. Depending on the file type chosen, different options will be available for viewing the content.

Add a description to the document to allow users to understand the content the document may present.

To view options that are specific to that document, click the web part properties edit icon to the left of the web part. It is a pencil icon.

If an excel document was selected, the user will be able to select from the following options for presenting the content:

  • Entire Workbook
  • Chart
  • Table
  • Range
  • Show Gridlines
  • Show row and column headings
  • Allow sorting and filtering

If a Word or PDF Document is selected, the user may select the page in the document to start the presentation.

For Word Documents, an additional menu allows for options for downloading, viewing and embedding of the document.

Recommendations for use:

Being able to present content on a page without needed to have an additional link to the document, i.e. Procedures, directions or a presentation tied to a news article.

Determine if the file viewer should be used in a full-width or 2/3 width canvas. Placing this web part in a small 1/3 column would not easily allow for content to be consumed by the user.


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    Thangu December 9, 2017 (1:23 pm)


  • comment-avatar
    Greg M. August 28, 2018 (2:23 pm)

    Neat web part. I wish we were able to make the window large enough to show a full Word page without having to scroll. Does anyone know how to edit the size of the window?

    • comment-avatar
      D'arce Hess September 8, 2018 (3:16 am)

      The closest that you will be able to get is by placing the web part in a single column layout.